Rachel Hope Peary



My name is Rachel Peary and I am an abstract painter based in Hamilton, New Zealand. When I'm not painting, you'll find me spending time with my son and my family, teaching yoga, playing music or hiking.

I work across a range of disciplines from abstract painting, design, publication and abstract street art. I find in each field that I am consistently drawn to the interaction of colour, form, light and transparency. 

My painting practice is the pairing of well-crafted frames and surfaces with intuitive mark making; exploring shapes on, in and around a surface and space, while maintaining a balance between explorative painting practice and analytical response. My works endeavour to de-stabilize conventions around painting and installation, and investigate time, light, material and space.

The beauty in abstract art for me is that as narrative is obscured in a work, it allows subtle interactions between elements like transparency and colour more available for exploration. These elements hold space for a dialogue that takes intuition and curiosity to discover and require intentional engagement for the work to be fully experienced.

For all enquires about purchasing work please contact Laree Payne at Weasel

Or feel free to give me a call on 021 101 5668, contact me via email or keep in touch on instagram.


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